Thursday, November 24, 2005

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Well, we're now 22 minutes into Thanksgiving, which for me has always been a favorite holiday because it celebrates two things I love: eating and NFL football. I know- just like with any holiday these days someone can find fault with it, but in my own self-centered, solipsistic worldview, Turkey Day's all right with me.

And sice I'm talking NFL, that means it's time for an abbreviated early edition of JOHNNY B'S FEARLESS NFL PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS!

I'll get the games on Sunday and Monday on Saturday, but there will be a couple of contests later today- and here's the way I see 'em:

ATLANTA over Detroit: The Falcons have looked unfocused and soft lately, especially on defense where their tackling has been abominable- and not coincidentally have fallen out of the playoff picture. I still believe in Jim Mora Jr., if not Mike Vick, so I think here's where they begin to right the ship against the toothless Lions. But with games remaining against division rivals Carolina and Tampa Bay, they better find a way to sustain it. As a 30-year plus Falcons fan, this is the first time, I'm pleased to report, that they've ever played on Thanksgiving. First Brian Wilson finishes and releases Smile, then the White Sox win the Series, and now the Atlanta Falcons play on the fourth Thursday in November. Yea verily, surely the end times be upon us.

DENVER over Dallas. I pick the Broncos until they give me reason not to. And that's hard for me, because I can't stand Shanahan and the Broncos.

Last week: 11-5. Year to date: 104-57, .646.

Fantasy, I lost both my games. Bah. I'm 2-9 in the money league now, last place in the standings but first in line for the #1 draft choice. Of course, I had the #1 last year too, and took Terrell Owens. It's a keeper league, by the way, otherwise I wouldn't have taken him for anything. That's just the way my luck's been there. I'm 8-2-1 in the free league, now in 3rd place by 1/2 game. Bah, i say.

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