Saturday, November 19, 2005

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This is an incredible two-page spread illo, done by school ruler JAMES JEAN, that appeared in the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, adorning a feature article on upcoming holiday-period films. I was standing at the register in Best Buy today (picked up that 25th anniversary release of McCartney's Band on the Run that came out a year or two ago, in case you were wondering) and noticed the magazine on the cash wrap where apparently the cashier had been reading it, thumbed through it, and it jumped right out at me. Not literally, silly. This sort of thing in the service of ordinary commerce eminds me of the days when the likes of Mucha and Parrish would do beautiful art for biscuit, tire and cigarette ads. Not that I was there to see it first hand, I'm not that old. You know what I mean.

Go HERE to see it bigger.

Hopefully that comics-related stuff I mentioned this morning will be up tomorrow.

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