Monday, November 14, 2005

Posting is going to remain light for the time being, I'm afraid- this new job is kicking my ass, and when I get home I'm just mentally tired. It's like Colonel Sanderz and Dark Helmet have jumped into my life and ordered it to go at "ludicrous speed", and I'm just trying to keep up until I can (hopefully) find a comfort zone. Which shows how little I've really pushed myself the last few years, I guess.

But I still can summon up the cojones to post the latest chapter in that ongoing saga:



And the following, which I don't have coming in the mail and must have slipped between the cracks between my cancelling of my holds service and the beginning of my DCBS orders:

KANE VOL 5: UNTOUCHABLE RICO COSTAS & OTHER STORIES TP: I MUST have this. I'll check at the LCS in the unlikely event they got a rack copy. I completely missed the announcement of this one, the first which collects previously uncollected KANE stories.

BANANA SUNDAY #4: I pestered my LCS to get this, and for weeks and weeks they didn't/couldn't/wouldn't. Eventually Oni, God bless 'em, came to my rescue and chipped in with copies of #1 & 2, which I reviewed at CBG. Naturally, directly thereafter my LCS got #'s 1 & 2, which I had to decline because I already had 'em, and annoyed them no end, I'm sure. Then, My LCS got #3 on time, shock shock, and it was actually in my folder, so I bought it. Then Oni, God bless 'em, sent me another copy of #3 in a bundle of books last week, so now I have two copies. So when I made out my DCBS order for this month, I decided not to add it to the list in case Oni sends me #4...and if my luck holds true to form they won't get any since I cancelled my holds, and Oni will forget about me. Stay tuned.

Titles I can recommend, but probably won't buy:

COMPLETE OMAHA THE CAT DANCER TP: This is very soapopera-ish, but the creators believed in what they were doing and it shows. This, in turn, has the effect of causing the reader to get drawn into the melodramatics, which is an effect that conviction on the creators' part tends to have. And oh yeah, there's lotsa anthropomorphic sex, pretty explicit anthropomorphic sex at that. If you haven't experienced the trials and tribulations of the Cat Dancer and her friends, enemies and lovers, you could do a lot worse than drop $13 on this.

HERO SQUARED #3: Not because I don't like it, but because I got a copy from Boom! today. If you're not as fortunate, and you're down with the Giffen/DeMatteis ethos, you'll want it. I'll write more about it Friday.

BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN #1: I usually like Matt Wagner, but everything that I've been hearing about the direction the Bat-books have been going in, borne out by my less-than-impressed reading of a little more than half of David lapham's recent DETECTIVE run, has left me completely uninterested in the Batman titles, except the swimming-with-the-sharks GOTHAM CENTRAL. However, I'm mulling the trade because the covers have all looked nifty and there's something about that "Monster Men" title which reminds me of an old Doc Savage pulp tale. We will see.

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