Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Konbanwa! Finally feel like sitting down and typing a few lines, something which hasn't been the case lately. Anyway, thought I'd mention a few things as they occur to me. At left, courtesy those neato-keeno and informative Publishers Weekly email comics newsletters, is the cover for 676 Apparitions of Killoffer, by the French creator of the same name. Killoffer, not Apparitions. Anyway, even though the big buzz was (and still is) the latest Alan Moore anti-DC broadside, to which all I can say is "Go get 'em, tiger- rotsa ruck!", my eye was drawn to the bright red book cover at the right of the page. Making with the clicky click, I was blown away by this guy's gnarly, but intricate and extremely well laid out artwork. How about another sample? Click on the pic, below right, to see it all bigger n'stuff.

In other items of interest, once more The Comics Foundry has presented us with yet another interesting interview with a creator worth watching: Alex De Campi, who impressed the heck out of me with her Igor Kordey-illo'd and soon-to-be-collected Smoke. Comics Foundry is just relentless with these interview things!

Went to the comics shop today, out of habit more than anything and to tell them they could send back the copy of Superf*ckers #2 they ordered for me (despite me calling them the very next day and telling them not to, I was getting a comp after all)...and wound up browsing and buying the DAY OF VENGEANCE trade! Holy mother of God. I was gonna get the Manhunter trade, but someone beat me to the only copy they got in. I had a 20% off coupon, I've always liked DC's stable of supernatural characters, I wanted something to review for Last Call tomorrow bought it I did, may God have mercy on my soul. What will I say? You'll have to wait till Friday!

And speaking of Last Call, I sincerely hope with all my heart that all of you are visiting Comic Book Galaxy on a regular basis to partake of some of the best writing about comics this side of the Journal. I mean, my shit is by far the weakest link in that chain, and if you like what I write you'll love what Sterling, Rice, Doane, Jog, Logan, McAlpin and others serve up. Really. Have I ever lied to you before?

And now for something completely different: Lee "Budgie" Barnett has been soliciting readers and LJ friends to submit to him a four-word phrase and one other word, and he writes "fast fiction" based on this input. He's done dozens and dozens of them so far, and I finally broke down and sent him mine. You can go here to read it. He's such a showoff!

I seem to remember, distantly, a great comic called Hawaiian Dick. Fortunately, writer B. Clay Moore hasn't forgotten, and has posted a sweet Steven Griffe cover design on his LJ. Check it out.

OK, that's about it. I'm sure there was something else really kewl that I planned to mention, but the sole remaining brain cells in my swiss-cheese-like brain pan retains ideas like a collander retains water. Who the hell knows when I'll post again, but until then take it easy. Or any way you can get it.

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