Saturday, November 19, 2005

Damn. No posting all week. I suck. And on top of that, I didn't even get my Last Call done and in on time. Oh well, I'm hoping to get it to the Chrises in time to be up on Monday, so if you're distraught take heart. Football picks will be coming later, as will my usual look at DC/Marvel/Image/etc. solicits, this time February's, unless I'm mistaken. As you can tell, I really haven't taken a good long look at it yet- right now, it's work work work from 8 to 5 with very little time for internetting. I'm also thinking I'll do a post about a handful of comics from Oni, most of which were books that came out in months previous.

In other personal stuff, I snuck (sneaked?) in a couple of minutes at work to make my first iTunes song download purchase, because I'm now on an OS X system and can do so. I'm also going to get a cell phone today, if all goes according to plan. Haven't had one in several years.

My LCS got short-shipped on Wednesday, so I wound up going back on Thursday to see if the Kane trade came in...and they had this, the Jingle Belle ornament, put back for me as well! I suppose I signed up for it back when it was solicited, and forgot about it. Anyway, it's pretty kewl. I also did indeed get that Kane trade, and the last issue of Banana Sunday as well, and I'll include both in my tardy Last Call.

In the meantime, howzabout a couple of acts of random linkage?

Christgau's annual Turkey Shoot!. Nickel Creek fans be advised.

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