Thursday, November 24, 2005

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Above is the coolest thing I've seen lately- from an entry posted in a recent All The Rage column over at, and it was brought to my attention via Stuart Immonen's LJ: a peek at art from what I understand is an upcoming Hellboy animated series!

Here's what Sean "Cheeks" Galloway posted at to accompany the pic:

Heya, gang! WHEW! NOW I can spill the beans. hahaha. Recently, I got selected as lead character designer for the Hellboy Animated cartoon. What you see here is the new look for the cartoon. Sorry to say, but it won't be based on Mignola's style. He wanted something other than his style. It's going to be 2 direct to DVD movies (70 minutes each). They'll be aired on Cartoon Network. The first one is scheduled for next October. I just wrapped up the designs for the first DVD?

I copied and pasted it because the link that Martell included was dead. The column also has some preview pages from Warren Ellis & Immonen's upcoming Nextwave.

But I think this retains enough of Mignola's style to be effective; it's the scripts that will make or break it. If they go for a dumbed-down approach, it will fail, simple as that. Also, Guy Davis' art doesn't look much like Mignola's at all, at least to my eyes, but the B.P.R.D. series have been mostly successful, artwise anyway.

This should be interesting!

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