Tuesday, July 27, 2004

While visiting my good friend Dave Puckett the other evening, our coversation turned (as it so often does) to comics, and 60s DCs and Marvels in particular. We were discussing favorite covers, and first issues read of a particular title, and when I tried to recall my first issue of Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, I couldn't do it. I remembered that it involved Baron Strucker, but that's all I remembered. Now, thanks to the Silver Age Marvel Covers Index, I now know which one it was- Sgt. Fury 14, top. Also, below it is a cover that is one of my favorite old Marvel comics covers, Sgt. Fury 16. I think it's the near-monochromatic color scheme of the whole thing, which certainly made it stand out to 5-year-old me. Makes me thirsty just looking at it. Ironic, isn't it, that I'm now constantly bitching about colorists Lee (Gotham Central) Loughridge and Bryan (Bite Club) Miller doing essentially the same thing?

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