Thursday, July 08, 2004

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Hello, Johnny Bacardi Show readers! My name is Parminder K. Nagra. You may remember me from such fine feature-film fare as Bend It Like Beckham and Ella Enchanted. It is also my pleasure and honor to be the official Johnny Bacardi Show spokesperson for the month of July! And it is in this capacity that I appaer to you now, to pass on a message from Mr. Bacardi himself.

He'd like to apologize for the dearth of posting activity lately. You wonderful people out there come here to read his meandering observations about comics, films, music, and stuff and whatnot, and he just plain old hasn't been delivering. It seems Mr. B has simply been insanely busy for the last few days at his low-paying job, plus other things he's been dealing with that are best left unmentioned since they are of a personal nature and the notoriously reclusive Mr. B just doesn't want to share...and by the time he gets home he simply has no energy left for much of anything except staring at the telly. He has art projects, books to read and comment on, and all kinds of stuff awaiting his attention...and it all goes unfinished. He had enough left last night to squeeze out the Ringo BSBdG, but that was it.

But fear not- the end of the current production cycle at the LPJ is almost over, and he hopes to get back on track with the blogginess ASAP, no later than Sunday anyway. He's got another installment of the Captain Eclectic mix CD series coming up; and wants to get in on the "bookshelf meme" that's been going on. He bought some fine comics today (including the new Eightball, of which he was unaware of its release on this date) and of course will be commenting on them in due course. And who knows what else!

So thanks a million for your patience and continued support, and from all of us here at the JBS to all of you, have a great weekend! Peace out!

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