Tuesday, July 13, 2004

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I was watching the All-Star Game until they aired some sort of cheesy clip montage set to a fuggin' Journey song ("Faithfully", no less), which hit me like holy water does a vampire. I had to get away from the TV, probably a good idea since we are having severe thunderstorms around here right now...so I went to the computer. Good move, Dave-o. Anywho, I wanted to post something, but didn't feel like committing to reviewing anything right now, and I had no idea what until I remembered the first thing I looked at when I got settled in at work this morning, after Scary-Go-Round, of course- Jeff Parker's Mystifying Oracle blog, on which he mentioned the blog/website of artist Mike Wieringo. Curiosity provoked, I followed the link and spent some time checking out his gallery pages, and enjoyed them quite a bit.

I've been aware of Wieringo's work for years, and liked it just fine even though I'm not sure if I own a single comic containing it. He has a dynamic, attractive, easy-on-the-eyes style that I like a lot, so I suppose it's just the projects he's attached himself to that haven't quite captivated me. To be honest, I wish that I could get my own pitiful doodles to look half this good. "They could if you'd PRACTICE", I hear my art teachers saying...

I thought I would post the above Wonder Woman illo, very very nice even though I like my Wondy with straight hair a la Mahnke & Nguyen, and hopefully the traffic I may or may not generate for his site will compensate for me poaching his illustration! Click on the sketch above to go to his home page; go here for the gallery, and go here for the blog.

I hope to God the Journey montage is over now and it's safe to go back to the living room.

Oyasumi nasai. Y'all.

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Update: Domo arigato to Mr. Wieringo for the namecheck on his blog! And then what does he do but post the above killer sketch of Saturn Girl that had me slack-jawed in amazement. Just like Cletus. Anyway, I wanted to post it here for all of youse to look at, but by all means go to his site too see it in the size it was meant to be seen. As you may recall, I dropped Legion a few months ago after buying it for well nigh 7 years, and have no intention of going back...but let me tell you, if they did tab Mike Wieringo to draw Mark Waid's tenure on that book, I'd be on it in a sprocking minute.

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