Thursday, July 29, 2004

Remember walking with you by my side
You were my Papa and I was your pride
Now I've got children and I'm going grey
No time for talking I got nothin' to say

Those Sunday dinners that we had at home
Now I've got a house and I've got friends of my own
We can't do tomorrow what we did yesterday
It's best that we're going our separate ways, OK

How is your rheumatism (nothing to say)
How are your chilblains (nothing to say)
How's Aunty Mabel (nothing to say)
So far Papa, I got nothin' to say, OK

Those happy days we spent together
We thought our world would never change
How the days go by
And things will never be the same

You keep pretending that everything's fine
So you make small talk to help pass the time
But all the words that you spit from your face
Add up to nothin' you got nothin' to say

How are those noisy neighbors next door
I'll have to go soon 'cos I'm getting bored
I gotta be home early to see a good play
So far Papa, I got nothin' to say

How is your life insurance (nothing to say)
How is your trade union (nothing to say)
How is your Independence (nothing to say)
So for Papa, I got nothin' to say

-Nothing To Say, by Raymond Douglas Davies on the 1968 album Arthur: Or The Decline and Fall of the British Empire.

Kinda summing up my attitude today, sorry to say. Not that I have a father around to sing this to, mind you...I'm just referring to the title more than anything. I really need to get a copy of that album one of these days...

But since you probably came here via the Comics Weblog Update-a-Tron 5000, I suppose I should write something, to justify your faith in me to post something readable. I bought some comics yesterday, including most on my list from Monday, but not all. Happy to report that my copy of Demo 8 showed up...but I didn't get Powers 2 or Sleeper 2. Sigh. A new Mojo came out as well, but I didn't buy it...I'll save it for a less heavy week. Of course, I will review them right here as soon as I can finish reading 'em. Really enjoyed the latest New Frontier, despite the emphasis on that ridiculous Green Lantrin character, or whatever his name is. As a tiny part of the Great Basement Cleaning Undertaking, I took a box of about 45 Playboys and Penthouses from the late 80s-early 90s to my shop, to see if they'd give me something for 'em. We shall see. Hopefully they'll give me enough to turn around and give it right back to them in exchange for some TPB's and CD's...

Been listening to some music that I obtained through...shall we say, less than upfront methods- Goldfrapp's Black Cherry, downloaded in its entirety via LimeWire (don't worry- I will still buy this ASAP. The files have some defects in places), and Morning Glory-The Tim Buckley Anthology, copied from a friend's copy. I've been dying to hear Cherry since it came out last year, and I'm not disappointed. It's a different direction for Alison G and Will Gregory, more harsh electro-funk than the sweeping lushness of their first album Felt Mountain. Kinda like Human League meets Trent Reznor meets Eurythmics meets Bjork meets Shirley Bassey, I guess. Memo to the James Bond people: you need to let Goldfrapp do the next Bond song, pronto. Buckley I've known about for years, but have never been moved to check out his albums, although I did get real curious right about the time his son Jeff did Grace. I downloaded a track or three, but I wasn't bowled over by what I heard. That being said, I knew that I had only scratched the surface of his work, so when I got the opportunity to sample this set, I jumped. Buckley's mostly folk-rockish music is said to be very diverse...and I'm beginning to believe it after a couple of listens to the two-disc set. I haven't really processed it all yet. Hopefully more on that topic later. One kinda cool thing- included in this set, the last track even, is his acoustic performance of "Song of the Siren" from The Monkees TV show, which I remember very well.

Watched a movie last night, The Italian Job. Last year's remake, that is. Good-to-great cast, but the script's never as clever as it thinks it is and there are very few thrills to be had, after all is said and done...but strange thing- it's never boring. Nice opening heist, and the finale's moderately rousing as well. I wouldn't go out of my way to rent it, but an agreeable time-waster. Ed Norton is certainly making a career out of playing creeps and jerks, isn't he? I kept wondering where the hell the police were while all of this was going on. I know Sean Green's character had buggered up the traffic lights, but geez, the NYCPD has helicopters, don't they? And officers on foot? Charlize Theron is nice to look at, but who the hell keeps telling her to shave her eyebrows? I mean, where are they anyway? Oscar ceremony pictures? Nope, no eyebrows. Monster? Barely there, but hell, she's in heavy makeup. I know, I know, what it is really is that they're too light to be seen easily. But she just looks creepy...she should do something to darken them. Yeah, like she's gonna take my advice. Y'know, I've never seen the original version of this flick. Maybe I will someday.

Geez. Nothing to say, huh? Guess you get on a roll, then you're butta. Guess I'm done now. Gonna sit down and do the Sketch of the Day for the Sketchblog before the day's over!

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