Monday, July 12, 2004

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Just finished reading the Grant Morrison interview over at PopImage, which everyone else in the Comics Blogosphereiverse read and commented on at least a week ago. Can't really add much to the discussion, but this piece has left me with the urge to sit down and try to re-read The Filth. Also, I can't wait until We3 and Vinanarama come out, and the Seven Soldiers project sounds like something I want to pick up as well. Grant sure does give great interview, doesn't he? In this day and age when most "interviews" feature mindless questions and predictable, rote answers, you gotta love it when the interview subject comes off with something like this:

...As the rush to convert comic books into handy illustrated movie pitches becomes less chaotic and more transparent, I think we've all become aware of a kind of betrayal, a public strangling of the exotic strangeness and uniqueness of American comics, as publishers, creators and readers confuse their media and expect comic book stories to conform to Hollywood storytelling conventions. Wise up: the more comics imitate movies, the less need movies will have for comics as a source of imaginative material; let's remember that the movie industry is ONLY NOW learning to simulate the technology and imagination Jack Kirby packed in his pencil 40 years ago. As I've been saying to the point of boredom for the last couple of years, our creative community owes it to the future to produce today the insane, logic-shattering, side-splitting day-glo stories which will be turned into all-immersive holographic magic theatre experiences in 40 years time.

Wow. God bless Grant Morrison...he's speaking gospel, boys and girls. Flat out fucking testfying. He also namechecks Alison Goldfrapp. Twice. And also quotes lyrics from the Goldfrapp song "Utopia", one of my faves. He's my hero.

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