Friday, July 16, 2004

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OK, kiddies, the purpose of this post is threefold: One, to try the code thing that should put the image on the left and wrap the text beside it; two: to post something, just in case you were worried (or perhaps hopeful) that I had topped myself or some such. It's not that I haven't wanted to write and opine on all the stuff that's being written and opined about all around the Blogospheriverse; I just haven't had a lot of time or, to be frank, inspiration to put anything up here; and three: to inform you that on your left is AimeƩ Garcia, who will play the Aleph character in the upcoming (or so they say) Global Frequency television show. Go here to read about it.

Didn't get my new comics till yesterday; apparently UPS was unable to deliver their shipment on Wednesday due to the severe storms that passed through this area back on Tuesday. Wusses. I wound up getting a couple I hadn't planned on getting, and of course I'll write about them in due time. I have GOT to get caught up on reviews in general; hopefully I'll get the opportunity this weekend.

Blogger has screwed those of us still on our Flintstones-like IE5 Mac OS 9.2 browsers...they've provided all sorts of neat bells and whistles on their "create post" page...but of course I see none of them.

Oh well. Hopefully more later. Chin-chin for now.

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