Monday, July 12, 2004

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DC has released their October solicits, and as is the custom, many have already posted about them. I think I will too, later, but I wanted to spotlight this excellent Jae Lee cover for Manhunter 3. I don't creep out easily, as you may remember from my horror movie postings form last year, but the Shadow Thief's disembodied head floating there with that expression kinda gave me the willies when I first saw it! Haven't signed up for this title, because I'm not too crazy about the interior artists- but I am a little curious. I may check out #1 when it hits the stands...

Marc Hempel's gonna be doing a guest stint on Lucifer, too, and that rocks my world as well.

More stuff on this subject later. It's getting late and I gotta set my VCR timer to record The Taking of Pelham One Two Three on TCM tonight. I'll get the DVD someday, but this will do until then.

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