Friday, March 20, 2009


Tonight's single-panel exercise in brutality comes courtesy of circa-1975 Howard Victor Chaykin, or to be more specific from the first (and only, I believe) issue of a 1975 Marvel Magazine entitled Marvel Super Action, which featured, besides an Archie Goodwin/Tony DeZuniga Punisher solo story (his first such outing since his debut in Amazing Spider-Man, unless I'm mistaken), a tryout for a female spy named Huntress (later changed to Mockingbird and inserted into West Coast Avengers), and an episode of Doug Moench and Mike Ploog's poor-man's Tolkein saga WeirdWorld, the second adventure of Chaykin's attempt to refine his retro-adventurer Scorpion (Atlas Comics, you remember) concept, now named Dominic Fortune. In this panel, that surely must get the Chris Sims Seal of Approval, Dom dispatches a hired goon with a swift kick to the head, which sure do look mighty painful to me.

Funny how the bad guy in this tale is named "Flagg"...

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