Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A quick announcement: most of you probably know this already, but I have decided that I want to do more music posting, and have created a blog for that very purpose. It's called Johnny Bacardi's Off the Record, and I have the first two posts up now. Basically, I plan to take a good, long look (more than a review, less than a novel) at albums out of my collection, not just vinyl, mind you, but releases from the last four decades, not only my beloved early-mid 70's. I can't promise how frequently I'll update it- I'm afraid they're gonna take days to write- but I'll try to get at least one a week up there. It's really gonna depend on how motivated and inspired I get. Anyway, hope you'll like it and add it to you Bloglines or Google Reader or whatever you use, that way you'll know when I've put something up.

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