Saturday, August 09, 2008

At last it can be revealed- look what I have!

I've been acquainted with Fred Hembeck for about five years now, since I started this internet blogging thing, and I've seen him do many fine illustrations in his inimitable style for many other people, but I never thought to inquire about getting one for myself since my income for that sort of thing is very limited. However, finding myself with a little extra cash recently, I thought I'd give it a shot and get my own original Hembeck. But who or what should I ask him to draw? Dazzler? Brother Voodoo? Ultra the Multi-Alien? (actually, that would be cool...) Tusky the Walrus? Nah. Then it hit me- none other than the Official Mascot of the Johnny Bacardi Show, Super-Hip! I thought Fred's style would be a natural for the character, so that's who I asked for. And Fred did not disappoint- first quoting me a very fair (to say the least) price, and then giving me not only Tad Jutefruice's swingin' alter ego, but also Tad, his Uncle Bob Hope and his talking dog Harvard-Harvard, Tad's rival Badger Goldliver, and the rest of the faculty of Benedict Arnold High School! Needless to say, I was blown away!

And there you see it, up above. Ain't it beeyootiful? Click to see it grande style. I've had it for over a week now, but as I've mentioned before the indigo iMac and its attached scanner are still down, plus it's a bit too big for the scanner anyway, as well as the one we have at my job. Fred's been running all the pieces he's done in this style lately on his own website, and he told me he was going to put mine up eventually, so I just figured I'd wait and grab his scan. And there it is!

Groovy, man! Outtasite!

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