Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Okay, when life gives you lemons, as the saying goes, make lemon pie. Or something like that.

That redoubtable Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon, recently ran another installment of his ongoing "Five for Friday" series, and entries were accepted until Monday since it was posted late. The theme: "Name Five Comics You Were Sad to See Go Away". Seeing my opportunity, I pounced and fired off an email that listed five comics that got cancelled out from under me as I was enjoying them, and if it seemed a bit overfamiliar, it was just because I am constantly writing about them anyway. At any rate, when I checked the site on Monday, like a little kid on Christmas morning, I was crestfallen to discover that my little email was not included! Why, I cannot say...but I didn't want to see it go to waste, so I'll post it here, along with thumbnails of the final issue of each title.

And it went like this...

Funny thing, cancellation of a comics series; when I was a kid growing up, it devastated me whenever a title I liked would get canned, and often I went months without knowing that it had indeed been shitcanned- since there was no interwub or even Wizard magazine to let us know! Sometimes the editor knew in advance and could post a note in the letters page, but that was all the warning we got. As I grew older, and kept on getting attached to obscure, quirky series that never acheived more than a cult status, I got kinda jaded to the whole phenomenon, and came to expect it. I would then be pleasantly surprised when a title lasted, say, nine issues. Now, they come, they go, I shrug and think "Less to spend".

But anyway, my list.

1. The Phantom Stranger: One of the first series that got axed while I was actively enjoying and reading it. I didn't know quite what to think!

2. Thriller. Actually, it made me sadder when Fleming and Von Eeden left the book after #7- by the time the axe fell it was a mercy killing.

3. Chase. Another book that went longer than I expected, but not long enough. (Okay, I cheated-Chase #1,000,000 (#10) was actually the last issue, but #9 was the last issue proper that featured Miz Cameron.)

4. The Shadow (80's) by Helfer and Baker. Especially since it got topped mid-story!

5. Starstruck. Didn't want all of them to be DC books- this one was published by Heavy Metal, Marvel, Epic, and Dark Horse over the 80s and early 90s. I wanted more.

Hon. mentions: Major Bummer, the Thomas/Adams X-Men (actually the first series to get cancelled as I was collecting it), Amazing Adventures feat. Killraven (knew that was coming, didn't ya), Sleeper, Gemini Blood, Hellstorm: Prince of Lies, Timespirits.

More if I think of them...!

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