Monday, October 24, 2005

Time once more to delve into the new Diamond shipping list and viddy what I'll be getting before this time next week. ** signifies that I should get them via DCBS, whom I've been very pleased with so far, sometimes getting my new books on Friday afternoon! Too late to review in Last Call, but better than waiting till Monday! OK, here goes:

**LOSERS #29
**SOLO #7

Whew! Some haul, huh!

Also, I 'll keep an eye out for SUPERF*CKERS #2, which I didn't pre-order because I thought I might get a review copy from Top Shelf, like I did #1. So far, that hasn't been the case, so I can safely assume that I won't.


Other noteworthies coming out this week but most likely unbought by me are

MAD NIGHT FEATURING JUDY DROOD, GIRL DETECTIVE TP which is the collected "Reflections in a Glass Scorpion" story by Richard Sala from Evil Eye, which I've been buying in single format so I'm not especially moved to pick it up. It meanders and rambles, but it's typical fun/creepy Sala stuff, and if you like his work, you'll like this. I really need to score a copy of PECULIA AND THE GROON GROVE VAMPIRES one of these days. Speaking of Sala, I bought a set of his Halloween greeting cards Saturday.

PARIS #1 is scripted by Andi Watson, with bizarre, fluid art by Simon Gane. I was going to pick this up in singles, but i think I'll wait on the trade instead, same as with Watson's LITTLE STAR, the penultimate issue (#5) of which comes out this week as well.

And that's that!

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