Monday, October 03, 2005

As promised, here's a look at what I'll be buying at my LCS and/or getting via DCBS, from the new Diamond shipping list. I'll identify the ones supposedly coming from DCBS with an *.


Aaaand that's it!

Wild cards include THE EXPATRIATE #3, which is the only book besides the first two issues of THE MIDDLE MAN (which I have decided to pick up in trade format) that are MIA since I got SMOKE #3 and WINTER MEN #2. I also don't know how it works when I order something like SCOTT PILGRIM VOL. 2 from DCBS, which I did and has already been out for several weeks, so you'd think it could easily be included in the first shipment! We will see.

Since this is looking like a light week (and it wouldn't surprise me if my LCS doesn't get either JACK or FELL), I might keep an eye out for THE SUPER SCARY MONSTER SHOW #2, which I wasn't looking for until I recently read #1. Other books well worth your time, but probably going unbought by me, are TRUE STORY, SWEAR TO GOD #15 (I wait for the trades with this excellent series); the BONE SHARPS COWBOYS & THUNDER LIZARDS GN (can't afford it, but I might try and get it from DCBS if it's still available); and I'd love to pick up the SHOWCASE PRESENTS: METAMORPHO VOL 1 TP...but I didn't pre-order it from DCBS, and I just can't pay $17 from my LCS even though I'm sure it's a ton of fun- and I know, because I read most of them as a young kid back in the '60s!

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