Tuesday, October 18, 2005

From Publishers Weekly comes some interesting news- Fantagraphics, of all people, will be reprinting Linda Medley's Castle Waiting, a fantasy series that I bought regularly when Medley was publishing it with Olio books, but bailed about three issues in after she started releasing it through Jeff Smith's Cartoon Books imprint. Why I did this escapes me now- perhaps I was just tired of fantasy stuff, no matter how cleverly it's imagined and illustrated, and that's what this one certainly was. I got hooked after reading the short story that appeared in one of those Trilogy Tour one-shot annuals released by Sirius, I believe. Something about snickerdoodles, you know, cookies- a twee touch which is usually cringeworthy but she deftly worked the conceit into an excellent discourse about religion and faith, and grabbed me hard. I'm wishing now I'd stayed the course. But now, unless I misread, here's my chance to catch up without buying a bunch of singles as Fantagraphics will release a collected edition, including a final unpublished chapter, and will then proceed to publish the ongoing series.

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