Monday, October 10, 2005

And now, another scintillating entry in what I like to call


Number seven.

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Here's one for those of you who thought that I'd never cite a post-1980 release. I've praised this 2003 release quite often here at this site, so I won't go down that road- I think perhaps it was just so good to hear Andy (Jellyfish) Sturmer ply his popsong trade again that I couldn't help but gush. I am also, however, very amused by this cover, a sendup slash homage to this late '60s event:

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John & Yoko's famous/infamous "bed-in for peace".

More as I think of them...and I'm bending over backwards to try and find an '80s-'90s cover or two to include. I think the problem for me is that covers from those decades are just so slavishly imitative of not only the cut-and-paste razor-and-skinny tie Punk/New Wave ethos, which I've never warmed to, or the MTV music video influence, along with the smaller canvas on which to work and the lazy, safe "picture of artist with name-and-title in mix-and-match font" approach, that they just don't push the right buttons in my head. Still, I'm trying.

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