Friday, October 21, 2005

The cover art for the new KATE BUSH album, Aerial, which is due out in the US on 8 November. I thought I'd keep the authentic British flavor of the announcement, hence the date before the month. Anyway, by clicking on Kate's name in the previous sentence, it will take you to, where you can hear an excerpt from the first single "King of the Mountain", and even see the video unless you're like me and are forced to make do with the prehistoric Mac OS9 and its outdated Flash plugin.

What I could hear of the single sounds OK; it kinda crashes and bashes along and at least has a melody that you can remember after you've heard it once or twice, unlike about 75% of her last album, The Red Shoes, which kinda dampened, hell, threw a bucket of ice water on the burning coals of my enthusiasm for her music. I will remain guardedly optimistic.

Click on the pic below for another Kate news site, with some snazzy retro animation on the front page which makes you think it's going to be a Bill Nelson video...

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