Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Made my usual Wednesday pilgrimage to get my four color fix, and got almost everything I listed on Monday. The missing book was Street Angel #5, damn it. I haven't called yet to find out if they got any copies, and they ran out before they got to me, or if it didn't ship, or if they will need to call Nashville to get my copy. Sigh. That's not always a guarantee I'll get my book, either...they never did get me a copy of Temporary. I also picked up Detective 801, the first of the Lapham "City of Crime" issues. This weekend, my LCS has 25% off on all trades and graphic novels, and that's when I'll finally get that Bill & Ted TPB that came out several weeks ago. But. There's a small complication...I saw Project Superior.

Friends, that's a hell of an amazing collection! My LCS got one rack copy in, and I looked it over and was blown away by page after page after page of art by creators I love like Paul Pope, Tara MacPherson, Dean Haspiel, James Jean, Ronnie Del Carmen, Paul Rivoche, and that's not half! Problem is, it costs twenty bucks, and I just couldn't do it. The most logical thing for me, I suppose, is to try and get it Saturday, but I've also got that B&T book staring at me like unfinished business...what's a poor boy to do. I could go through my CDs and see if I could weed any of them out, or sell plasma, or roll some poor old lady. Who knows. Anyway, I'm fiending for it something awful...!

More later, hopefully.

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