Friday, March 25, 2005

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usIt's actually not too terribly busy today here at the Snooze, but am I poised to make blog hay out of the situation? Hell no. I got nuthin'. But I'll try to get a few shorties in before they bring another stack of ads in, which is usually what happens when I get started on something longish. First, the pic at left is something which caught my eye whilst I was perusing the June Image solicits over at CBR-the cover for issue 1 of STRANGE GIRL, a title by two folks with which I am totally unfamiliar with, Rick Remender (writer) and Eric Nguyen (drawer). Something about the description made the Hellstorm receptors in my brain, long dormant, perk I might find meself buying this if the mood strikes. Click on the pic to see it all big-like.

Lest you think this is going to turn into another Image solicits review, fear not- there wasn't anything else on the list that caught my attention, not really, other than what I'm already buying. I was amused by this line in the description of Walking Dead 21:

Could the dangers of this new world finally be behind them, or is this the calm before the storm?

Hm. Let me see. Whichever could it be? My money's on the storm.

Finally got to the comics shop yesterday, and bought most, I say most, of the books I was supposed to get. There was still no Street Angel 5 or Shaolin Cowboy 2- and when I asked about it they said they'd check on Cowboy and they wouldn't be getting any more Angels. Hu-wha? But it's on my pull list, I stammered, and lo and behold when they checked my sheet, there they were. AH-HA, said I, and much shrugging of shoulders ensued. I kinda got some vague assurances they'd be looking into it, but I'm a little chapped about the whole thing. Oh, if only I could afford to start DCBS. And this after I had impressed them by showing them my byline in the Wizard "How To Draw" book! Hmph! I went ahead and picked up the Owly: Just a Little Blue trade, and of course it's delightful.

Well, they just dropped a big, ugly outdoor gear retailer's ad here, and of course it's a Frankenstein mess of type here and art there and happy that's what I'll be doing the rest of the day. Who knows, perhaps I might have something else later. Perhaps not. Life is so uncertain.

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