Thursday, March 03, 2005

I got an email from Amber yesterday. I like getting emails from Ambers, as long as Mrs. B doesn't find's what she had to say:

I've started a new site that is committed to be a community to help and
educate comic artists and writers who want to breakout. It's called You can post your art and writing in a portfolio for review from your peers, go to our MATCHUPS section and post for a collaborator to work with, and network on the message boards. We also feature helpful articles and interviews with the pros. Right now we
feature extensive interviews with Greg Land (Phoenix Endsong, X-Men),
Terry Moore (Strangers In Paradise), Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick) and Jacen
Burrows (Dark Blue), all chock-full of advice and useful tips.

We would greatly appreciate a mention of the site on your blog, a link to
our site, or even posting a banner, and we invite you to join the fray on
Comic Foundry, as well. Please help our community grow!


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