Thursday, March 10, 2005

Like much of the Comics Cognescenti, I've been following the recent Funky Winkerbean strip, which finds the fellow who runs the "Comix Corner" in deep doo-doo for selling an adult comic to an undercover cop. One thing bugs me, though- the most recent high-profile real-world account of a shop owner getting in trouble for this sort of thing involved said owner selling an adult manga, I think it was, to a juvenile. But the Comix Corner guy sold his copy to an adult, admittedly incognito but definitely over 21, and the whistle was blown by an adult. How come he's in trouble? Unless there's some sort of decency standards in effect...

I'm no lawyer, nor do I have any experience with this sort of thing, other than what I've read. Whassup wit dis?

Update: The ever-vigilant Johanna sets me straight on the details of the case I was referring to in the comments; looks like my faulty memory has let me down again!

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