Tuesday, March 22, 2005

If my Dad, on the long-ago, dim and distant date of January 16, 1960, had stopped to buy a DC comic book (not that he would have, of course- as far as I knew he never read the things) to look at while he was waiting for me to make my grand entrance into the world, here's what he would have to choose from.

Via Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics' "Time Machine" page, which I saw via Elmo's Junction.

Now as we all know, there was about at 2 month lag in cover dates and actual newsstand dates, so that's why I went forward to March of 1960. Here are the comics which he has for January 1960, many of which bear a February cover stamp. Pretty cool, and a little confusing!

Arigato to Bob at Four Realities for correcting my erroneous impression of comics cover dates!

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