Monday, April 05, 2004

Time now for the monthly sports post.

I won the Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey League I was participating in! On the very last day of the regular season! Now, let's face it- I am far from knowledgeable about pucks, but I know to pick up hot players and cut cold ones, so I managed to squeak by, despite being in second place for about three months. Almost makes up for losing the NBA league I was in on the last day last year.

Baseball season is now under way, and here are my preseason picks:

NL: Philadelphia, Houston, San Diego. Wild Card: Chicago.
AL: Boston, Minnesota, Anaheim. WC: New York.

World Series: Anaheim and Philadelphia, with the Angels winning in six.

Clip 'n' save!

My beloved White Sox? 83-79, 3rd place in the AL Central. Reds? 74-82, 5th place in the NL Central. If Griffey goes down again or gets traded, exchange ten games to the negative.

College basketball? Well, since the somewhat overrated-going-in Kentucky Wildcats got eliminated, my interest has waned. Plus, I was kinda rooting for Oklahoma State, because of former UK coach Eddie Sutton. However, at least Duke got beat, always a good thing as far as I'm concerned. My radio station is carrying the broadcast of the Final Four championship tonight, so since I'll be listening I'll predict a 73-69 Connecticut win.

And that concludes the monthly sports post.

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