Thursday, April 15, 2004

Once again, I'm being put in a position where I'm a tad concerned and upset due to the cancellation of a comic I didn't buy: Stormwatch: Team Achilles. I liked Ellis' Stormwatch, but didn't care for subsequent revival attempts and spinoffs of both that book and Authority, so once again I seem to be part of the problem. Like it's companion in discontinuation, WildC.A.T.S. 3.0, S:TA seemed to be a book about superheroes for people who don't like traditional superheroes...and apparently what the Big Two are trying to move away from in favor of eleventy thousand rehashes of properties that have been hashed and rehashed beyond recognition many times before, each time proclaiming "BACK TO BASICS and the THINGS THAT MADE COMICS GREAT" with the fervor of those old snake oil salesmen in the old west. Having been through nearly every one of these, all I can do is sigh and resign myself to having less and less to buy each week as worthy attempts at envelope pushing get killed, watered-down or stillborn as time goes by.

But then again, maybe everything will be just fine and the age old law of survival of the fittest will apply. Who the hell knows.

Ed Brubaker preaches some gospel and attempts to allay fears about the demise of Sleeper over at Newsarama.

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