Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I've just been over to Fred Hembeck's (no permalink, it's the entry dated April 6th) where he describes his first baseball game and how they tie in to Avengers 6 and X-Men 6. Sounds like something that would have happened to me, except I would have stuck my copies in the program rather than fold them over. But I digress. Fred also posts the covers some really nice Mets programs, which were illustrated by one Willard Mullin, who is one hell of a good illustrator. I was totally unaware of the guy, and his work blows me away. I encourage you guys to check it out at his website by clicking on his name in the last sentence. Only problem with that site is that there isn't enough of his work reproduced there!

My first baseball game? Sometime in July of 1970, forget the exact date but it was right after they opened Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. Reds vs. Phillies, ball day, got to meet then-rookie from nearby Cave City, Kentucky, Dennis Doyle- Reds lost 4-3. Saw Oscar Gamble and his gigantic afro. Didn't buy any comics. I think I'll click around and see if I can't find any documentation of this game.

OK, all right, now it's three sports related posts this month.

Update Well, one of the worst things about being older than God is that your memory really suffers. I finally found the box score for my first major league game. I was right about it being the Reds and the Phillies, but that's about all I was right about! The Reds won 4-2, and it was in mid-to-late August, not July. Found at a really cool site which has a huge archive of Major League boxscores from the better part of the last two centuries.

Update Update: I've gone in and found some other significant boxscores in my life: a 1991 game between the White Sox and Red Sox in Chicago, the only time I've been up to the Windy City to see my team; a 14-inning game vs. the Braves in which the winning runs weren't scored until the top of the 14th (Reds pitcher Mario Soto went 10 innings! You sure don't see that these days!), and in which I would have seen a triple play if the second baseman for the Braves hadn't bobbled the throw to first; and a 1988 game, also with the Phillies (how's that for symmetry?) which was my son's first and also the last game I ever saw with my Dad.

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