Friday, April 23, 2004

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Back on the 10th, my family on my Mom's side got together for an Easter lunch, and my grandson, along with my cousin's young son, sat for several minutes (a long time for those two), watching a new-to-me cartoon on Nickelodeon, a super-hero/sci-fi-ish thing called Danny Phantom. So, naturally, I said "Move over, kids" and watched several episodes in what was apparently a marathon that afternoon. And you know- it's hardly the most original thing to come down the pike, but it was energetic and fun and wasn't written down to kids (in other words, the grownups can appreciate it too), and I kinda enjoyed it. The animation was of the style that's currently all the rage in TV animation these days, which is that Powerpuff-Kim Possible-FairlyOddParents-Samurai Jack semi-retro semi-anime look, and frankly, that's OK with me...I'd reather see a thousand cartoons like this than any of that barely-animated 70s Hanna-Barbera style junk we got for so long. Unless it's Sealab 2021...that's a whole 'nother cup of gravy. With a hair in it.

Pop quiz: where'd that reference come from?

Anyway, I dug it. And I'll watch it again. And you might want to, as well- what the heck!

Also on the animation tip (ooh-"tip"! I'm so with-it!), I see where there will be a new Mucha Lucha! tonight on Cartoon Network. ML! was my favorite new cartoon last year, and while I was happy to see it find a new home on CN, I figured there would be no new episodes. Glad to see I was wrong!