Friday, April 23, 2004

Busy busy busy lately, and haven't had a lot of time to write. Hell, haven't even been able to formulate many thoughts to translate to words! I do have some news, though- my long-awaited package from Thriller artist Trevor Von Eeden arrived yesterday, and man was it a nice one!

Last summer, in response to my query about Thriller original art, Trevor told me that he thought he knew where some pages from that much-revered-by-me failed masterpiece were, and he would check in on it. He later found them in the posession of none other than Dick Giordano, and arranged through his art dealer to buy some. He cut me a sweet deal on a page, and I sent him payment. Actually getting the page proved to be a bit problematic (for various reasons) plus Trevor was working on an all-new original piece for me as well, so he wanted to send it at the same time. Then he decided to start school, and as we all know that kinda takes priority in your life (if you do it right, that is), so time went by, with the occasional apologetic phone call or email from TVE, until everything finally got sent a few days ago. Of course, I was more than happy to let him take his time, and I wasn't worried about it...but the anticipation was definitely there. I am pleased to report that it was worth the wait. In addition to the page of original art, which was page 7 from Thriller 5, a wonderful scene with Tony Salvotini and his Mom, in which she uses her newfound coercion powers to induce Salvo to eat two helpings of pasta, the new piece, a poster-size group shot of Thriller's Seven Seconds, was outstanding as well. I'll try to scan it and post it soon. He also sent along a Xeroxed copy of a commissioned piece that he did a few years ago for a movie producer, he said, of Batman and the Thriller awesome piece. Plus, he also enclosed the November 2003 issue of Heavy Metal, which contained his most recent published pre-college work. I have wanted, for nigh 20 years, an original Thriller page, and now I have one. I am enormously geeked about it. Thriller is one of my all-time, if not my absolute all-time, favorite comics series, and to possess a small, material part of it is wonderful.

Trevor has been unbelieveably generous and kind, and I'll never be able to adequately express my gratitude for all he's done for me. He's a class act and a great guy.

I have got to get started re-doing my Thriller web page...

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