Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hello, boys and girls, how's it going? I'd love to be filling your heads with bloggy goodness, but I got nothin'. More so than usual, even. Or to be more precise nothin' that others haven't already posted and posted better, including that f**king c*cks*cker Ken's excellent review of Johnny Dynamite, in which he said everything I meant to, and said it much better to boot, or at least better than I would have said it if it had occurred to me to say those things. Or something like that. Anyway, gosh darn it, everybody else is updating, so I'm gonna post something, and hope that my drunken crack whore muse returns long enough to whack me upside the head with her bottle of Night Train.

I was sorry to read about the demise of Four Color Hell, which I participated in there towards the end, but it seems like no one else but Bill Sherman cared to post anything there after its relaunch so I stopped too. It had become a magnet for spam bloggers, so I'm not surprised Michele decided to knock it in the head. If she's reading this, I sincerely thank her for the opportunity, and it's a shame it didn't fly. The idea was a sound one.

Got an email from Jill Sobule (well, not a personal one-I'm on her mailing list) in which she lets us know that her new album is recorded, and gives us the opportunity to preview the tracks and vote for our favorites. I'd post a link, but the email was read through my Outlook Express at home, and I can't get it here at work. Fie. I'll try to get that link posted later.

Watched parts of VH1's Divas 2004 special last night, in between innings of the Braves-Reds ballgame. I was a bit surprised to find myself tapping my foot to the new Blondie song, which was pretty darn catchy and rocked a bit too. The guys (and Debbie, too) didn't look all that comfortable on the humongous Vegas-style stage. Caught enough of the Patti LaBelle-Cyndi Lauper wail-a-thon to know I didn't want to expose myself to that...I love Cyndi, heaven knows, but I've never had any use for LaBelle (although I like me some Nona Hendryx) I kept managing to catch some young singer, who had long wavy brownish hair sing several times-a forgettable bluesy-poppish thing and duets with Gladys Knight (still in fine voice) and Debbie Harry (on "One Way or Another") as well. Oh. I went to VH1 and saw the lineup- it was "Young British Soul Thrush" Joss Stone, who kinda comes across as a cross between Michelle Branch, Sheryl Crow and Janis and does, all snark aside, have a fine voice. She's not too hard on the eyes either. But is it me or does every so often one of these wannabe Janises come along? Nikka Costa, we hardly knew ye. Also saw Jessica Simpson, who looked like a Barbie doll come to life wailing in that patented Mariah style, tottering around the circular stage in high heels. That's about it, although I might try to tune in again to catch Lauper's set.

All right, that's all I got for now. Hopefully more later, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

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