Friday, April 09, 2004

Been one of those days, cats and kittens. The Classified & Display Ad department people have been bringing in ads all day nonstop, just like John Lennon shoveling spaghetti to Ringo's Auntie in Magical Mystery Tour.

Right now the shelf is empty, so I'm gonna try and squeeze in a link or three and even some commentary, when nobody's looking.

That Larry Young fella is certainly doing right by us comics blogospheriverse types, that's for sure. He started a thread over at the Millarverse message boards, asking if anybody read any comics blogs, and which ones- then, in best money in mouth form, proceeded to post links to many of us including yours truly. I am honored.

The Eisner Award nominations have come out, and I'm probably the last person to link to them. Oh well. The most competitive category seems to be Best New Series, which not only includes The Losers, but Sleeper and The Walking Dead. Of course you know which one I'd vote for when push came to shove, but that's some strong competition. Also, I'm amazed at some of the names on the Hall of Fame ballot- not that they're there, but that they're not already in! People like Wayne Boring, Al Capp, Jules Feiffer, Lou Fine, Floyd Gottfredson, Graham Ingels, Don Martin, Gilbert Shelton, and Jerry Robinson! How can you have a "Hall of Fame" and not have these people in it? I'd have a hard time choosing the "Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition", as well...Derek K. Kim, Christine Norrie, Brian Wood, and Jeff Parker have all done some excellent work lately.

I'm reminded of the Yankees signing Alex Rodriguez when I read about Powers jumping from Image to Marvel. Oh yeah, Kabuki is going, too, but I don't read that one. I don't think that Powers will suffer in quality, and sales might actually go up, so it's a win-win situation for everyone but Image, no matter what Erik Larson says.

Congratiamulations to Kevin Melrose, who (as I'm sure most of you are aware, since everybody else has already posted about it) will be getting a story published in the 17th issue of Digital Webbing Presents. Also, Graeme McMillian, he of the rotating blog names, is anticipating doing some art for an upcoming anthology from Variance Press. My, arent we a talented bunch here in the ol' comics blogosphereiverse! Of course, hell is still hot, and I most certainly have no artwork appearing anywhere anytime anyplace anyhow, unless it's here on this blog. Don't see that changing anytime soon, either.

Guess this is all I have time for right now. Many reviews coming up, if I can get some computer time at home.

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