Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Just wanted to mention that Ken Lowery has upped the ante, if you will, on the Great, I mean GREAT LOSERS GIVEAWAY. Now, I know he's been trying to been trying to soft pedal this and be discreet, but it must be told. Losers writer Andy Diggle has donated some autographed posters which sound hella sweet, and those are being included in the haul. So if you're on the fence about entering, or just plain old feel a bit reluctant to tell a complete stranger why you're a loser (if nothing else, say "I'm a loser because I haven't been buying The Losers!), then, well, just get over it, Bub! The end justifies the means!

By the way...I sure would like to get one of those posters, Ken- can ya hook me up...?

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