Saturday, November 01, 2003

Wake the neighbors and phone the kids, it's time for Johnny B's Fearless NFL Pigskin Prognostications!

Last week: 9-5. Record so far: 67-34, .663 .

Chicago over San Diego. No way am I picking the Chargers again until they show me something more than I saw last Monday night.
New York Giants over New York Jets. Perhaps last weekend's victory over the tough Vikings was a wake-up call.
Tampa Bay over New Orleans. The Saints are struggling on both sides of the ball, and Tampa is no place to figure things out.
Baltimore over Jacksonville. The Jags aren't as bad as their record, but Baltimore's ground game will help the Ravens control the clock.
Miami over Indianapolis. Pick 'em to get upset last week, then pick 'em to beat your Super Bowl pick the next. Way to go, J.B.! I like Griese at the helm of the Fins, and I think they'll pound the ball a lot with Ricky Williams. This will be a close one, though.
Oakland over Detroit. The hardest thing here is determining which team stinks the least. I think Oakland smells slightly better, but not much.
Carolina over Houston. A lot of people think the Texans will pull an upset, but I'm going with the Panthers until they show me I shouldn't.
Cincinnati over Arizona. Both teams pulled off surprising victories last weekend, but the Bengals looked a lot better doing it so I go with them on the road. Plus, they have something to play for since they're actually in the division race for once.
Seattle over Pittsburgh. The Steelers are really scuffling right now, and the 'Hawks are looking to bounce back from the loss at Cincinnati.
Philadelphia over Atlanta. Right now the Falcons couldn't beat a good division 1-A college team, revamped secondary or no. Theresa, I would make a bet with you on this one, but that would be foolish...for me. The Dan Reeves coaching deathwatch has begun.
St. Louis over San Franscisco. The Niners are up-and-down, and the Rams are hot so I gotta go with St. L on the road.
Dallas over Washington. Bounce back time for the 'Boys.
Minnesota over Green Bay. Ditto for the Vikes. Green Bay always looks bad in the Metrodome.
New England over Denver. It will be very tough for the Pats to win at Mile High, or Invesco, or wwhatever it's called...but without a legit starting QB the Broncos have big problems to overcome.

As always, bet these at your own risk.

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