Thursday, November 06, 2003

Random stuff from hither and yon:

All right, people...I've had a Derek Kirk Kim link on my page since day one, and I got absolutely no credit whatsoever. Every comics blog I've looked at today is thanking someone for pointing The Ten Commandments of Simon out to them, but did anyone realize that it's been there all along just for the clicking, right here at the Show? I even added a nifty little button recently! Where's the love? Sigh.

Got a kick out of last night's episode of Angel, which featured luchadore and Aztec mythology in an absolutely nutso adventure which was tons of fun. They even worked in references to Mexican wrestling films like The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy. While the Angel season has been up and down so far, mostly up to be fair, this episode is a keeper and maybe one of the best in the series so far.

Well, it's official: hell has frozen over. The reason? People actually agree with me that Chuck Jones is somewhat overrated, especially in comparison with Bob Clampett. Found at Franklin's Findings.

Just wondering: am I gonna have to write about same-sex marriage, something which I have no opinion about whatsoever being a live-and-let-live kinda guy, to get EveTushnet to link to me?

Good news courtesy of that mercenary blogger Alan David Doane: Tim Burton's Ed Wood will soon be released on DVD, with a ton of bells and whistles. Despite the fact that Burton's movie played fast and loose with many of the facts about Eddie's life, it's still a very entertaining film with lotsa great performances. It's amazing that film got made at all, if you ask me...

Forager23 aka J.W. Hastings has chimed in with another of his Miller vs. Moore comparison pieces, and unfortunately I have no opinion of what he states, because I never finished From Hell and haven't read 300. C'est la vie. I'm afraid that with very few exceptions, I'd go with Alan Moore every time, simply because most of his work isn't as cynical as Miller's. Which is not to say I haven't enjoyed his Dark Knight Returns, Sin City or Daredevil (I agree that Man Without Fear was very underwhelming), but there's a scope, imagination and scholarliness in Moore's writing that Miller can't touch.

Many thanks to Theresa for not giving me a hard time about her Eagles beating my Falcons.

All right, I'm done. Oyasumi nasai, y'all.

Music today: The Essential Dave Brubeck, Bob Dylan-Blonde on Blonde, The Ultimate Beach Boys Christmas Album, and Hilary Duff-Santa Claus Lane (!) (My wife and daughter went shopping today, cant'cha tell?)

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