Sunday, November 16, 2003

Got several things to write about, and no energy or time to write about them. I've got one draft which I hope to finish tomorrow, on music I've purchased lately. I also considered doing a "Previews Review", after reading John Jakala's observation about the perceived lack of enthusiasm among those who do that sort of thing on a regular basis, because there are a few upcoming titles that are interesting to me, like My Faith in Frankie and New Frontier, among others...but I don't buy Previews, so that would be difficult. I used to buy one every month, but the damn things pile up. Still, not having my source material or a particularly trenchant viewpoint has never stopped me before, so we'll see, I guess.

I suppose I could put my two cents worth in about the Epic fiasco at Marvel, but all I can think of is the old saw about lying down with dogs and getting up with fleas. Hardly an earthshaking insight.

I should also add my voice to the swelling chorus of hallelujahs over the release of Gilbert Hernandez' Palomar in collected format...but I won't. I've been buying Love and Rockets forever and a day now, but it's always been for Jaime's work, not Gilbert's. Don't get me wrong- I recognize that Gilbert is a superior craftsman and has amassed an impressive body of work, perhaps even more significant and important than his brother's...but his art and writing style just don't engage me like his sibling's. That said, Palomar, or to be specific Heartbreak Soup is, to me, by far the most interesting tale of 'Beto's fictional town, so if you don't share my particular prejudice, then go buy. Hell, even if you do, go buy...why should you be as myopic as I am?

I see where the next Jingle Belle GN is going to be released on New Year's Eve and not the end of November. Bummer. Why bother releasing a Jingle Belle book after Christmas? Maybe by then, though, I'll have a job and can afford the 12 bucks to buy it.

Watched the latest Justice League last night on Cartoon Network, an all-star extravaganza featuring Tegan's fictional amor Aquaman, acting kinda bitchy and thickheaded like he tends to do in these shows, along with Doctor Fate, done here as interestingly as he was in the Superman: The Animated Series episode several years ago. Solomon Grundy was on hand as well, sporting the Hulk-level strength which they've seen fit to write him with, and further developments in the ongoing filling-out of the Hawkgirl character. A while back they hinted around that she was sweet on Green Lantern, and this episode casts her as an atheist, as Thanagarians apparently are in this version. So, naturally, we get a not-so-subtle pro-faith message at the end, but it wasn't too annoying. This eppy felt a little padded, but the action was fast-paced and fun and Superman, yes, Superman got some funny lines.

Thanks to Dave Fiore for the heads-up about a great blog all about old films, called Michael's Movie Palace. This writer, whose last name I don't see, writes thoughtfully and intelligently, in extended capsule form, about films from bygone days that he's seen recently. Of course you all know what a total TCM junkie I am these days, so this sort of thing is right up my alley and I anticipate spending several hours reading his archives. If I could suggest one thing, perhaps a search function...!

One film I saw the other night that I'd bet he's reviewed was Becky Sharp, a 1935 period piece, previously filmed as Vanity Fair, that starred attractive 30's star Miriam Hopkins as the title character, a scheming little conniver of common birth in 19th-century Waterloo-era England (everyone's terrified of Napoleon there, so the film would have you believe) who is determined to be rich and affluent by whatever means necessary. It also has the distinction of being the first Technicolor film, and the print TCM showed was restored- when I first saw it I feared it had been colorized! The film itself was a bit creaky, but fun with supporting roles by Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Nigel (Dr. Watson) Bruce.

That's it for tonight...looks like I found some energy after all, dunnit? Hopefully more tomorrow.

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