Saturday, November 08, 2003

I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tonight on HBO, and I intend to comment on it later. But after it was over, I flipped over to Cartoon Network to watch the last 30 minutes of the Justice League show, and was dismayed to see that they had black diamonds, the chief weapon of one particular longtime DC character, which possessed people (explain to me how Superman's skin was pierced) and turned them evil- but no Eclipso! Instead, we get generic alien snake men! What the f-!

The eppy wasn't too bad, in and of itself...but as a bit of a fan of the Eclipso character, it's a mystery to me why this episode, which I'd bet started as a vehicle to introduce 'Clipsy into the Justice League series, turned out this way. What a copout, a shame and a letdown, because Eclipso would make a great recurring villian for the animated League. Guess it's easier to keep approving scripts with Lex Luthor.

Update Well, thanks to reader Adam Kepler I'm told that there was a General of some sort in the first half hour who had been possessed by the black diamond, and did indeed dress like Eclipso, so I gotta give the JL people the benefit of the doubt until I've seen the full episode. Still, he didn't appear in the last 30 minutes, so again- what the f-?

Update Update Gotta tip the ol' hat to CN for airing this episode on the same night as a total lunar eclipse!

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