Saturday, September 27, 2003

Time once again for Johnny B's Fearless NFL Pigskin Prognostications!

Teams I see winning this weekend, and why:
Houston over Jacksonville (I think they're better than getting beat by a rookie, even a rookie as good as Byron Leftwich seems to be)
Minnesota over San Francisco (Culpepper will play, I hear, plus they're at home. Besides, the sounds of wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from the Niner Nation are sweet music to my ears)
St. Louis over Arizona(I don't think 'Zona's so tough when the temp's under 100)
Washington over New England(This should be a good game, and I'm only picking the Skinnies because of the home field)
Pittsburgh over Tennessee (this should be a war- but I'm taking the Steelers at home)
Kansas City over Baltimore (another war- but KC seems to be on a roll)
Buffalo over Philadelphia (sorry, Theresa, but until Philly looks like they've gotten their act together I gotta go with the Bills. Plus the Eagles are still missing half their defensive backfield, and Bledsoe's licking his chops)
Carolina over Atlanta (the Panthers' D is too good for my Falcons to solve, especially on the I have a sinking feeling that Stephen Davis will have a monster day against Atlanta's soft defense)
Cleveland over Cincinnati (another road game plus a Browns team coming off a big win spells "wait another week" for the underacheiving Bungles. This will be close, though)
Oakland over San Diego (the only team in bigger disarray than the Raiders right now is the Chargers. Well, OK, there's the Eagles, too. But I think Oakland has enough to put the Bolts away at home)
Denver over Detroit (No way the Lions have enough to win at Mile High, or Invesco, or whatever they call it)
Dallas over the NY Jets (Parcells has his Cowboys playing well enough to beat the increasingly deranged-sounding Herman Edwards' Jets, who pretty much suck on both sides of the ball)
Indianapolis over New Orleans (I think defense will make the difference in this one; even without Edgerrin James, I like Manning and co's ability to score on NO more than vice versa)
Green Bay over Chicago (If the Pack loses this game, the Favre should just retire immediately afterwards)

Last week: 10-4. Overall: 30-15. So far so good.

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