Thursday, September 11, 2003

It's a little muggy out this morning, but otherwise it promises to be a nice sunny early September day, just like the day two years ago which we all will never forget.

Myself, I heard the news accounts on the radio driving on the interstate (to the job I no longer have), and at the time nobody was sure what was happening. Arriving at work, a couple of people already had the video feeds going on their computers, and by the time I sat down at mine to do my usual internet stuff before beginning my work day, the other tower had been hit, and the terrible news was everywhere. We all had stuff to do, and we did it, but the events in New York were on everyone's minds. To be honest, I live almost a thousand miles away from New York City, so the events didn't affect me directly, so I simply got on with my life and only periodically checked in with the news on radio or TV. Which is not to say I didn't sympathize or feel horror or outrage; it was just happening far away and I didn't know anyone there then, so all I could do was live my life and hope for the best.

Two years later, I'd like to think we're a little wiser for the experience, but I don't know. Terrible tragedies bring out the best in many, but sometimes the worst as well. I looked around the blogisphereiverse to see if I could find anything about the two year anniversary to pass on to my readers, and I found myself liking Tom Tomorrow's piece here.

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