Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Time now for the weekly sports post.

Had a darn good week prediction-wise, going 11-3, which makes my overall record so far after four weeks 41-18! Wish I had some money, I'd find a bookie somewhere...

My Falcons are dead in the water right now, becalmed, so to speak. They can't stop anybody, nor can they score on anyone. What they need is a dose of confidence, or some size and speed on defense...and it doesn't look like either is coming anytime soon.

Houston Texans coach Dom Capers has balls as big as church bells for going for the TD to win with four seconds left on fourth down. I don't see how the man walks around or sits down with stones that large. I was on the edge of my seat after they failed to punch it in on third down; I thought "You gotta kick the figgie!" But hey, sometimes (especially with teams like Houston) you gotta just say what the hell and go for it, and they did. It would have been second guessed for the rest of the year if they hadn't made it, but they did and so far it's been one of the most memorable plays of the young season.

Congrats, Theresa, your Iggles broke out of their funk. They looked fired up and ready to go from the beginning, and looked more like the team everybody thought they'd be at the onset of the season.

In baseball news, my White Sox finally canned manager Jerry Manuel, aka the Somnambulist. Good riddance. They won in the beginning with him, but they've underacheived for far too long under his low key approach. The White Sox-less playoffs start today, and I suppose I'll make a prediction. Let's see...usually the teams I like the least make it to the Series (Anaheim being a notable exception last year), so while I'd love to see a Cubs-Red Sox Series I know it's gonna be the Twins and the Giants, which the Giants win in seven games.

By the way, there's also a new Tuesday Morning Quarterback up.

That concludes the weekly sports post. This weekend's NFL predictions will probably be made tomorrow, 'cause I don't know if I'll be around a computer this weekend!

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