Friday, September 26, 2003

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Sad to read, just now, about the death of Robert Palmer at age 54.

While I was never a huge fan, I did like a lot of his music. I found a lot of it clever and inventive and admired his willingness to experiment with different sounds, while retaining the island music flavor he apparently preferred. Most people associate him, and rightly so, with the ever-present 80s hits "Addicted To Love" (from his biggest selling album, Riptide) and "Simply Irresistible", his dapper, disaffected, somewhat Bryan Ferry-ish image, and his alliance with the Double Duran guys in the Power Station. I myself have always loved his top 40 song "Every Kinda People", a Marvin Gayeish reggae song with a gorgeous melody, and am a fan of his underrated, in my opinion, 1983 album Pride, which melded techno sounds to reggae and never failed to be clever and interesting.

Who's next, I's been a bad last few months for musicians!