Wednesday, September 03, 2003

And now, the semi-monthly Sports Post!

The NFL season, as you may be aware, kicks off tomorrow night. For some strange reason, most likely because I'm still in the running in my "money" fantasy baseball league (2nd place, 3 points up, 11 out of first), and my White Sox are still in first place in their division despite their best efforts to the contrary, I'm still closely following baseball so it seems a bit distracting to me right now. I just can't get used to the idea that Summer's almost over and football season is here! Also dampening my enthusiasm a bit is the fact that the venerable Glasgow Fantasy Football League, which I founded in 1990 and was the longest running fantasy football team to anyone's knowledge in the area, finally ran out of steam this year. Still, I love dat ol' NFL football and God's least favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons, so here are my preseason Fearless Predictions. Bet at your own risk.

In order of finish:
NFC East: Philadelphia (11-5), NY Giants (9-7), Washington (7-9), Dallas (4-12).
NFC North: Green Bay (by default, this is a terrible division) (9-7), Minnesota (8-8), Detroit (6-10), Chicago (5-11).
NFC South: Tampa Bay (12-4), Atlanta (9-7), Carolina (7-9), New Orleans (6-10).
NFC West: St. Louis (11-5), Seattle (9-7), San Fransisco (8-8), Arizona (3-13).

AFC East: Miami (10-6), New England (10-6), NY Jets (7-9), Buffalo (6-10).
AFC North: Pittsburgh (11-5), Cleveland (9-7), Baltimore (8-8), Cincinnati (6-10).
AFC South: Indianapolis (12-4), Tennessee (11-5), Houston (5-11), Jacksonville (3-13).
AFC West: Oakland (11-5), Denver (9-7), San Diego (7-9), Kansas City (7-9).

Playoff wild cards, NFC: Atlanta, Seattle. Sorry, G-Men.
Playoff wild cards, AFC: Tennessee, New England.

AFC champion: Indianapolis, over Oakland.
NFC champion: Tampa Bay, over St. Louis.

Super Bowl: Tampa Bay 20, Indianapolis 14. Tony Dungy gets no satisfaction.

Clip 'n save, kiddies. I fully expect to read this four months from now with total embarrassment.

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