Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I haven't written about Rufus Wainwright very much, if at all, mostly because while I liked his self-titled debut album, especially two or three songs, I didn't like it enough to get the follow-up Poses. Apparently it did pretty well without me, though, because according to an interview in the NY Times (found at EveTushnet's), he went on a real old-school binge of bad fun afterwards and has gone through rehab, with a new album's worth of experiences to relate. Click on the link above to read the article, which was doubly interesting to me not only because (despite my failure to pick up Poses) I think Rufus is an artist worthy of attention, but it also mentions his parents Loudon Wainwright III (another one of my "I really need to get something by" musicians) and Kate McGarrigle of McGarrigle Sisters fame, whose first two records are (in my own humble opinion, of course) straight up masterpieces.

So go! Read! And stay away from that crystal meth stuff...it's bad, believe me.

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