Friday, May 30, 2003

Oh, lest I forget...I've added a link at lower right, in the music/musicians section, to the homepage of the little AM radio station where I work part time. You can click on a link there and get streaming audio of our programming, which consists of country, oldies and gospel music, along with a spate of "Swap Shop" type shows, and of course local and state news and weather. If you want to hear me, I'm usually on air M-F from 4 to 6 PM CST and every third and fifth Sunday from 6 AM till 3:30 PM. You won't hear me too much on Sunday, though...I generally say very little and just let the gospel music play in between the hellfire and damnation old time religion preachin' prayin' singin' shoutin'.

Another caveat: it may not work for you if you have a Mac...when I click the link it tells me "This program does not support the protocol for...". This is clearly anti-Mac bias, and I intend to give the computer dude that always seems to be there in the evenings puttering around a piece of my mind. Hmph.

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