Saturday, May 24, 2003

Hello there everybody. I'm still alive, but try as I might to sit down and write something, I always seem to get interrupted, or have someplace to go and something to do lately. I've seen some interesting movies lately, like Amelie, Ringside Maisie (I'm tellin ya, man, that Ann Sothern was hot in the 40s!) and Donovan's Brain (gotta love that TCM), and have been listening to some great music as well. Hopefully I can squeeze out a new Johnny B's Mondo Vinyl-O before the weekend's over.

No news on the job front; I'm still playing the waiting game for the most promising situation that I'm aware of, anyway...I've made some phone calls and talked to some people, but until they get finished screening internal applicants I have to bide my time. I decided to give the two recruiters a call whose services I'd engaged but hadn't heard from in two weeks. I think I surprised them, because they both sounded a bit flustered that I called them rather than vice versa! One said there were a couple of situations that he was keeping an eye on, and the other confessed to not having done any real searching yet (excuse: working at her full time job-cry me a river) but since she was off today would try to look into a couple of things, and would I be interested in Nashville? I'm not real crazy about moving that far, although I do like Nashville and since I don't want to rule anything out I said,"sure". That was the last I heard from her. Sigh. I also put a new resume on Career, to go with the one I've already got on It was my experience previously that doing that mostly increases your spam...

I also got together for a few beers on Wednesday with 7 of the 8 people that got seperated when I did. We had a good time and it's looking like we'll meet like this on a regular basis. Until we all get jobs, I person brought up the possibility for me of teaching a part-time graphics software applications (you know, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) class at Western Ky. University. She had done this during the last semester and was going to do it again, and they were looking for someone, so she graciously offered to give them my name. We shall see...although I just can't see myself trying to teach, it would still look good on the ol' resume.

Been trying to keep up with the Annika Sorenstam thing...looks like she missed the cut. Too bad, I was hoping she'd make it. My White Sox are floundering along, winning one, losing two, winning two, losing three and so on. It's obvious to me that Jerry Manuel can't cut it as manager. Maybe it's because I've had his last two closers on my Fantasy teams, but he drives me insane with the way he manages his bullpen, and the team is flat and lifeless. He's gots ta go. NBA? NHL? Sorry, don't care. The only NBA teams left I could root for are looking like losers, Detroit and Dallas, and I can't stand either the Devils or (especially) the Mighty Fricking Ducks of Anaheim, an abomination of a team if there ever was one. Whenever I see that logo of Donald Duck in a Jason mask, I want to hurl.

Went last night to Horse Cave Theatre with my daughter (who's working as concessions manager there, among other things) to see the final rehearsal for the season-opening play, "Fully Committed". It was an amusing one-man performance piece that became a bit wearying after a while, but was still fun. The actor, one C.W. Gilbert, did a great job in a difficult role. He had to adopt a number of very different personas as a restuarant reservation booking agent who has a nightmarish day. Oh by the way, my son is also working there as a master carpenter. Pretty soon we'll be running the place.

Sad news from DC Comics- they've changed their message boards. The old DCMBs we all knew and loved are gone, replaced by the standard WB board template, and it's somewhat user hostile for sure. Right now, I can't see me posting much there anymore, but I'll update the link at right if you wanna check them out.

Guess I gots ta go too, it's very late. I'm not sleeping much these days- my schedule's all messed up and being unemployed is not conducive to restful slumber anyhow- but I gotta try. Hopefully I'll be back with more later today. Oyasumi Nasai.

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