Thursday, May 29, 2003

Good morning! Apologies for the no-show yesterday; I was gone most of the day, running errands and having another "Losers Luncheon" with the others who lost their job with me. Got a phone call from a recruiter whose services I had engaged the last time I was between jobs about a position in Ohio, but it's a type of printing that I'm not all that familiar with so I didn't feel too enthuisiastic about it, I guess. I suppose I could call her back and find out more if I wanted...I was somewhat taken aback when I realized that she was calling me based on a resume I had sent her almost three years ago! She didn't even know that I was looking again! I sent her a current one and fully expect to hear from her again three years from now...

Delighted to see that I'm listed in the most excellent Comics Journal weblog, ijounalista! (sorry, don't know how to make that upside-down exclamation mark at the beginning of the title). It's an honor, and now I'll have to try to write more comics stuff, and write it better, to justify it. Unfortunately, the lead news story for today is a dire one, about the impending bankruptcy of Fantagraphics Books. If you're in a position to help by buying more of their books, then you should do so...I wish I was.

OK, hopefully more later including that paragraph or three about movies I've seen lately. Of course, there will be a Bacardi Show Birthday Greeting immediately following (or on top of this, to be exact...).

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