Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hello again- once more the crickets have been chirping loudly hereabouts, and that makes me a little sad but I've had several fish to fry, kites to fly, places to be and people to see, et cetera.

Comics reviews will be forthcoming; last week's shipment wasn't a large one:

100 BULLETS #82
DMZ #17

And that was it! I also recently received a copy of the Leading Man TPB, which I have already reviewed as I got it in singles format (mostly positive, I might add), so I probably won't do it again...although I've learned never to say never; and an advance copy of the forthcoming First in Space, which I definitely will include in the next BSNCR.

Looking ahead into the future, namely the shipment I will receive a week from Friday, so far all I have listed is

JONAH HEX #18 and

Not exactly a large haul, is it? And frankly, none of them have me trembling with anticipation, even though Iron Fist has been pretty good so far. Don't know if that means that my 40-plus year infatuation with comics is finally dwindling, or what...but it sure seems like I'm buying less and less these days...

I suppose I could do a look at the upcoming solicits- but there just isn't a lot that's piquing my interest. That said, I will now proceed to comment on one cover:

Countdown 47, unless I'm mistaken. Now, please don't get me wrong, I am not a big fan of the apparent Last Temptation of Mary Marvel storyline that's coming, and I must admit that the shinyl vinyl balloon boobies and peekaboo cheerleader suit that artist Ed Benes has chosen to endow our quite contrary Mary with are a little on the exploitative side. But, against my better judgment, I still like the overall dramatic effect this cover has- granted largely (I believe) by the coloring and Photoshoppery employed by the colorist. Plus, it is a dramatic pose, no doubt about it. So, while I will admit that it probably rates a 6.5 on the Heidi Meeley "Is it gratuitous?" scale, I kinda like it anyway. Not enough to actually buy the damned thing, though.

Mike Konczewski has created a Super-Hip! Wikipedia page- go check it out! Wish I'd done it first...

There seems to be one of those memes going around, based on a panel from Detective #426. To actually enter something presupposes wit on my part, so I've not done one so far, but my favorite to date has been Trusty Plinko Stick Bill's.

OK, it's getting late and I'm pretty much out of links right now, so I will bid you a fond good evening and I'll see ya when I see ya!

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