Saturday, January 21, 2006


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Dont'cha love that word "penultimate"? Whatta strange word. Anyway, the playoffs. Here's my picks.

First, last week, 3-1 again with only the Colts' deadbeat knuckleheaded coaching staff impeding my 4-0 weekend. Playoff record, 6-2.

PITTSBURGH over Denver. The little angel and devil are standing on my shoulders, arguing, over this game...the angel says "Denver's at home, Dave...and they're hard to beat at home. Plus, Pittsburgh just may have had their Super Bowl last weekend. Take the Broncos!" But, the devil says "Wise up, Dave- the Steelers are a better team on both sides of the ball, especially on defense! Plus, you HATE the Broncos. remember 1998?" So there ya go. Pittsburgh may have rejected me, but for this weekend I embrace Pittsburgh.

SEATTLE over Carolina. You may say that I'm just being nice to Laura and my fellow Stupid Llama, Mike Cary. But not so. The Panthers are all banged up on both sides of the ball, and while I think Nick Goings is better than many think, and I love Jake Delhomme (in a platonic way, of course) I'm certain that the Seahawks will pay attention to Steve Smith, unlike the Bears, plus Shaun Alexander will be back strong and that will make the difference. Plus, the travel thing that always seems to factor in when considering Seattle. I like both teams, but I'm rooting for the 'Hawks to go to their first Super Bowl.

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